Michael Vaughan-REES

Hello from Michael (and Jane)

Jane is republishing her three children’s books, and the  
3rd, “Saving the Dinosaurs”, has just come out as a paperback (and soon as an e-book from Amazon). 

Click here for  more details.

Jane and I live in a little cottage in the Chilterns, an area of hills to the north-west of London.  (Click here to see some photos of the cottage).

Here is a selection of blog and photo entries, to give you a taste of what we’ve been doing since I started the site in 2009.   If you run your cursor over the text, you’ll see where you can click to link to the relevant entry.

Visiting Manhattan in 1965.

2) Visiting the neighbours (at Chequers) in 2011

Children in 17th century Dutch paintings.

4) Algeria during the Six Day War: June 1967.

5) My band: Eddie Brylcreem and the Beardoes.

6) Jane’s sculptures of women in yoga and dance poses.

7) All Greek (or possibly Turkish) to me.

8) Musée des Beaux Arts: Breughel and Auden.

9) Lieder along the Danube.

10) Jane’s drawings of classical Dancers in Motion.


One thing I have been doing is adding links to other pages (my own and outside sources).

For example, on ‘My Desert Island Discs’, you can click on the YouTube links to hear each piece of music, often with a video as well.

So, I’ve discovered a lot in the couple of years that this website has been up and running. But there’s more I want to do, incorporating sound files, as well as video, for example.

For the former I have started, albeit in a modest way, with some examples from the new version of my poem-based book for making foreign students of English more aware of the realities of English pronunciation: Rhymes and Rhythm.  Click on the PLAY symbol below and see if you can hear Have you seen Peter? (If you can’t hear it you will have to download the QuickTime plugin).